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Reflection Black is the manifestation of mastermind’s Elis Alex musical visions, originating from the urban landscapes of Athens, Greece.
The band aims at delivering melodic Goth Rock and Post-Punk with a modern 21st century edge and the darkest imagery, infused by Alex’s Black Metal past (Ravencult, Nigredo).
The result is dark, fast and polished striking the perfect balance between dreamy synth lines, crystalline guitars and infectious vocal hooks.
Reflection Black has released the debut 3-track EP “Entering Dreamtime” in May 2022 through Razorbleed Productions (Harakiri for the Sky, Thy Light, Clouds, etc.) with the first full-length album being scheduled for release through SwissDarkNights in March 2023.



"No Stars In The Sky" (single)

Reflection Black unveils the first single, “No Stars In The Sky”, out of the debut album, “Last Stop To Nowhere” (Swiss Dark Nights).
Release date, Friday, February 3rd, 2023

Dark like a sky without stars, the first single “No Stars In The Sky” from the Greek one-man post-punk/goth rock project, “Reflection Black” is a gloomy composition with strong emotions where its creator, Elis Alex, blends the old school goth rock influences with the modern post-punk lines and ideas, delivering an absolute dark dancefloor hit, a sophisticated, alternative goth rock sound.

Elis Alex about "No Stars In The Sky": "No Stars In The Sky" is what I consider some of the darkest material that Reflection Black has produced to date. The lyrical theme about the black forces of entropy shutting down the light of existence has played a huge role in this. This track also contains a part with an alternative, more aggressive vocal approach, the anguished narrative style as I call it, which could also serve as a hint to the future musical approach of Reflection Black. Finally, we had the luck of the music video for No Stars In The Sky to take place on a stormy, after-midnight shooting which complemented its dark atmosphere even more."

"No Stars In The Sky" official video credits
Directed by Jim Georgosopoulos
Production Assistant: Dimitris Mouschoulis
Actor: George Kanavos
MUA: Danae Dreliozi
Special thanks to Sokratis Bebis and George Foukarakis
Mixed and mastered by George Emmanuel at Pentagram Studio, Athens, Greece.
Vocals recorded with Sokratis Bebis.



"Last Stop To Nowhere" (LP)

Release date: Friday, March 3rd, 2023 Swiss Dark Nights

"Last Stop To Nowhere" is the debut full length album from Reflection Black and it is the album that will lead the listener to the unexplored paths of the dark, post-punk and goth rock sounds. Eight tracks, eight views of the darkest side of music through the eyes and mind of Elis Alex.

Elis Alex on "Last Stop To Nowhere": "With Last Stop To Nowhere I can say that I have made an album that I am truly happy with. One record, eight tracks, each one different from each other but still forming a very consistent big picture without any fillers."

The album was recorded, mixed and mastered in 2022 in Pentagram Studio with George Emmanuel (Lucifer’s Child, ex-Rotting Christ) while the vocals were recorded in Red Panda Studio with Sokratis Bebis. Cover art and layout by Alex Eckman Lawn



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